Welcome to the mystery city of Feldspar. Please to enjoy your stay, if you surviving it…

This story revolves around an unlikely band of adventurers who have a chance meeting in Feldspar and a beguiling tale of intrigue and despair ensues. They are occasionally visited by a stranger who takes a keen interest in their adventures and they are not sure if he is there to help them or hinder them.

The city is surrounded by water and can only be accessed by bridges on the north and south ends of it, connecting it to the rest of the mainland country of Logitech.

The year is 1500 and the 2 great clans Mountain Dew and Coke battle for power.

The Dew are a clan of powerful politicians and rulers, led by the High Wombat. The Cokens are mostly warriors by trade and are often successful in battle, hence their desire for continued conquest. They follow the mighty Miller. He is often referred to as ‘Bringer of the Light,’ though often he brings only darkness to his enemies.

Our story begins with Predator looking for work at the local tavern, The Drunken Ass.

Adventures in Feldspar