Very tall building, probably the tallest building in the town aside from Farquad’s manor. Made of wood and painted a dull brown color on the outside with stained glass windows depicting several small boys at confession.

Upon entering you immediately wonder why the building was built so tall, as there is really nothing above you. It’s just a really high ceiling with a peaked roof. The windows and tapestries end at about the 10 foot mark, yet the building continues upward for another 50 feet.

Father Reverend Nathaniel – A withered old man with a gleeful look in his eye. He has white hair on the sides and back, bald on top. He has on his white robe, and he has a striking brown mustache that looks like it was once white but may have been painted brown.

“Hello my children of the light. Come in come in and confess to me your sins.”

He tries to hug all of you to the point of uncomfortableness.

Takes particular interest in the dwarf, not realizing he’s a dwarf and thinking he’s a small child.

“Would you like to have a private confession with me, young one? I know boys your age have many evil, dirty thoughts they must confess.”

If you fight him you find a note that says – “Reverend. I mean Father. I mean Father Reverend, Reverend Father? Whatever. I don’t know why I wrote all that out when I could have just started the note over. Anyways, your work so far has been superb. If you continue selling me the town’s secrets you will be handsomely rewarded. I trust you received my most recent gold pouch I’ve shipped you. Keep it up. And remember, gold if you help me, death if you don’t. – Farquad”

The gold pouch is poorly hidden under a picture of a small boy on the desk at the head of the church. There are candles on the desk and a white tablecloth.


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