Weapons and Armor Shop

Menchy – “Hellooo and welcome to the weapons and armor shop. I know it’s not an original name but The Drunken Ass was already taken so I did my best. Hahaaa come in come in. What can I interest you in today? Perhaps some weapons for the lady? Or some armor for the lady? May I interest the lady in a drink?”

Menchy pays special attention to the lady and tries to get some.

“Depending on what you’re looking for I can offer you 3 items to browse. The rest of the stuff in here is for show, I have to keep up appearances you know. Didn’t you know that at shops you can only buy a couple of the items that are for sale? That’s the way it’s always been in this land.”

Pull up items and offer 3. Charge whatever gold.

“I do hope you come again soon and be sure to bring the lady with ya! She is a rare beauty. As is the dwarf I must say. In fact you all look mighty fine. Ta-ta!”

Weapons and Armor Shop

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